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About Amici Virtual

Who are we?

We are an established boutique consultancy bringing unrivalled expertise to our clients since 2007. In our virtual incarnation, we mobilise our skills and extensive experience to support training managers deliver in these challenging times.

If you are a busy training manager or head of department who regularly finds themselves with too much to do and struggling to close out all the items on your ‘to do’ list, our virtual service is for you.

Does this sound like you?

  • Do you have to do more with less resource?
  • Do you spend your time firefighting instead of doing the things that add real value?
  • Are the repetitive, tactical activities preventing you from getting on with the more strategic outcomes?
  • Do TNA, design and evaluation projects always take second place to delivery?
  • Do you struggle to do all your quality assurance?
  • Are there gaps in the team skill-set that you don’t have the opportunity to close?

How Amici Virtual can help you

  • We can take away some of those tasks on the ‘to do’ list so you can focus on your team and priorities
  • We can support and advise on your projects to enhance quality and productivity
  • We can coach and support team members to embed new skills
  • We can fill a gap in resource or skill-set
  • You can call on us for those peaks in activity that can occur from time to time
  • Since we work on both a project cost and retainer basis, you have maximum flexibility in how you engage us

Why Use Amici Virtual

  • Our service model is cost effective. You’ll be supported by an experienced, professional team without the need to worry about the cost that comes with employing extra staff.
  • We are low maintenance. Because of our years of work in the training space, as both managers and consultants, we understand the priorities, issues and obstacles you face. So, once we understand your needs, we will get on with the job.
  • Our service is completely reliable and confidential. Whether you need us to help with a one-off project or require ongoing support, all your data is safe and secure.
  • You’ll get a free initial consultation to discuss what you need and to confirm we are right for you. We are happy to have a no- obligation chat at any time.

A snapshot of our services

We can take on all kinds of tasks to support you and your team. Whether you need ongoing support or an extra pair of hands for a specific project, our range of services can meet your needs and solve your resource problems.

Help you to:
  • establish your key objectives
  • align the activities of the training team to organisational goals or priorities
  • respond to change

Conduct detailed and robust TNAs, or support the team as they learn to do it for themselves.


We can produce your content, or coach/mentor team members as they design and develop new content.


You can outsource the lot to us, or involve us in any of the four evaluation levels, or data analysis where you need a hand.


All aspects of QA across the full range of training collateral – does the content meet the training objectives? Is information accurate and accessible? And the spelling and grammar too!


Needs-based trainer development using proven diagnostic tools and interventions. Mentoring for all training team roles.

Meet the team

Collectively, we share almost a century of wide-ranging experience in training and L&D management across public, private and non-profit sectors. We are currently working on remote training projects for clients in the Rail and Communications sectors.

Whatever your challenge, we are confident we can rise to it and deliver a professional, effective and efficient solution to meet your needs.

Amici Virtual Privacy Policy

  • Amici Virtual collects personal information about its clients. We do this so we can share information relevant to working with you.
  • Basically, we make sure everyone involved is aware of the information we hold.

About Amici Consulting

We are a business transformation consultancy. We believe in driving success through great leadership. We work with clients to create the conditions necessary to deliver measurable change.

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