ECCO Tours (now FollowMe2Africa)

November 2008 to date

As part of their preparations for the 2010 Soccer World Cup, the Directors of ECCO Tours wanted to make a high performing team even better, in order to meet the operational challenges of this once-in-a-lifetime event.

We were brought in to help reduce the error rate in manual transactions and improve the consistency of performance management, particularly in relation to mistakes. Analysis showed that a full understanding of the commercial and brand consequences of errors were not fully appreciated by many front-liners. However, there was a real appetite to improve performance management skill among the leadership and a genuine ambition to succeed at all levels.

Based on the analysis, we concentrated on:

  • Building a clear understanding of Consequence (of errors, delays, lack of attention to detail, etc.)
  • Developing performance management Capability
  • Improving Communication and Engagement approaches (introducing new processes in support of this)

We addressed these issues through a series of developmental team events. In the first of these, the teams were empowered to design their own service charter to describe what excellent service looked like and how they would deliver it for their customers. This service charter formed the backdrop for all the subsequent team interventions and upskilling throughout the preparation for the World Cup and for the event itself. This service charter allowed us and the senior leadership to drive the Commitment agenda that the teams themselves had devised. It also formed the basis of both the Capability workshops and the performance management metrics for the managers.

The impact of these programmes and workshops is evident in the success FollowMe2Africa achieved in sales, service and ground operations, not just for the World Cup but for all their activities in 2010 and since.

We continue to support FollowMe2Africa by providing ongoing advice, coaching and mentoring for key members of the management team and acting as ad hoc advisors on people issues.

ECCO Tours - MD

“ Working with Amici gave our managers the confidence they needed to lead and it showed in our results. I can't recommend Ger and Amici highly enough!“

Managing Director

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