Metropolitan Police Service

(Jan 2009 - Mar 2012)

The Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) implemented a Shared Service to transform its HR function and deliver multi-million pound savings. Whilst the transformation programme was technology led, the leadership recognised the importance of preparing their people for the new ways of working. Based on our experience and track record of success in this area, we were brought in to lead on the People Readiness workstream. Our role in this was to focus on Communications and Engagement and Capability development for the HR community.

Specifically, our input included:

  • Developing a stakeholder management strategy for the programme to promote Clarity of Vision for the transformation as a whole
  • Devising a culturally stretching service readiness strategy which broke down operational silos and integrated the service lines for service launch
  • Developing and implementing innovative, targeted communications for the HR audience – 800 managers and staff
  • Designing, delivering and evaluating performance and service training for HR managers which promoted Commitment and Consequence
  • Designing a service culture training package for the HR community to move from a bureaucratic to advisory approach
  • Up-skilling in-house trainers to deliver the training packages to front line HR teams as a way of maximising engagement and ownership
  • Developing and delivering service master classes to underpin service improvement to ensure the change continued to work

The MPS launched its HR Shared Service in November 2010.  Throughout the programme, the People Readiness workstream was on schedule and within budget whilst meeting or exceeding satisfaction and capability targets.

Metropolitan Police Service - Director of HR Services

“ I found Ger to be a powerhouse of enthusiasm and energy which meant she did things in the most effective way rather than the easiest way for her. I'd highly recommend Ger for a wide range of roles.”

Director of HR Services

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