Royal Bank of Scotland

July 2012 - May 2013

We were commissioned to help drive the transformation of the Global Learning Design function. The objectives of the transformation were to:

  • Increase client confidence in the team
  • Standardise processes to improve productivity
  • Ensure the management team were providing leadership and managing performance
  • Improve team morale

Through consultation, we explored what the key issues were and presented options to address these to ensure that the transformation aims were met. It was agreed that we would focus on:

  • Crystallising the vision to drive Clarity of Vision and Communications and Engagement
  • Re-engineering processes for the design pipeline, to ensure that this Core Enabler was fit for purpose
  • Designing and delivering interventions which emphasised skills and behaviour, in order to improve the Capability of the team:
    • A bespoke Getting Leaders Leading package, prioritising performance, pipeline and relationship management
    • Workshops for Design teams, covering the new pipeline and associated approaches for learning design and relationship management
  • Coaching and mentoring the leadership team for 6 months following implementation; phone and email support for leadership and design teams to cement Capability and maintain Commitment

The results of the project included lead times reduced by 30% and productivity increased by 20%. In addition, stakeholder satisfaction significantly improved and employee satisfaction scores increased.

RBS - Head of Global Learning Design (case study)

" After the time my team spent with Amici, they came out energised, positive and committed and with a clear strategy for moving the transformation forward."

Head of Global Learning Design

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