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How we work

How we go about this will be familiar because we work in line with project good practice.

Strategic consultancy

This is very much a discovery phase. We help you define the specific change outcomes you want, then we get ‘under the hood’ of your business to identify where you are in relation to those outcomes and what needs to happen so that they can be achieved. We also help you define what success looks like and how you will measure it.

The 6Cs are our yardstick for this discovery. We have a whole range of tools we use to measure and analyse across the six elements of the model.

We report our findings with options for delivering the change that ensure effort is focused on what will make a difference in the context of your organisation and your current priorities.

We are always happy to explain our approach in more detail.

“ The results are clear to see. Our lead times have reduced by 30%, productivity is up 20% and stakeholder satisfaction has significantly improved.”

Head of Global Learning Design

Financial Services


Preparation is everything! We work with you to prepare for the change.  Traditionally, planning and preparation centres on the Core  Enablers (systems, process, organisational design, etc.) with other elements (eg Clarity of Vision, Comms and Engagement, Capability) very much consigned to second place.  In fact, the transformation agenda is often dictated by when new processes or technology can come on stream instead of when it is best for the team or the customer. 

Through the 6Cs, we ensure planning  and preparation takes all elements into account, reducing the risk of overruns, cost escalations, negative customer or brand impacts and loss of confidence in the change.  We also focus on ensuring that everyone - stakeholders, leaders, frontline staff - is engaged, committed and able to play their part in the transformation. 

This is part of the reason why we like to use internal champions (subject matter experts and identified leaders). It helps improve inclusivity and ownership. It also lays the foundations for sustainability, where internal people 'carry the torch' during and after the project to guarantee the change takes hold and is not seen as just an initiative, or something that has been 'done to' the operation by outsiders.

We have a comprehensive readiness toolkit which we constantly refine to ensure effective and efficient delivery.

“ For the FIFA World Cup in 2010 and since, working with Amici got the whole team focusing on excellence and gave the managers the techniques and confidence to push performance standards.”

Managing Director

Travel and Hospitality


We support each step of the change implementation to ensure your ambitions are realised on time and within budget. We keep an eye on both the qualitative and quantitative factors - vision, commitment, etc. - as well as counting cost and time. We know this is key to embedding the change and preventing people reverting to old processes, systems or behaviours when the pressure is on. We actively support leaders and managers in their role as ambassadors for the change, helping them to drive each stage of the implementation with positivity, ownership and diligence.

We also help you deal with those surprises that inevitably crop up and that risk jeopardising your outcomes.

If you've got an upcoming implementation or need to recover a less than successful one, we'd be happy to advise.


Because we are as keen as you are to ensure the change really worked, we come back to check the change has cemented by looking at progress against the success factors identified at the outset. This can be anywhere between 3 and 9 months after implementation is complete, depending on the size and type of change.

And if we find something that needs tweaking? We'll work with you on a practical plan to make the necessary adjustments.

Wherever you are in the change cycle, whatever challenges you face, we're confident we can help.

“ An absolute breath of fresh air! The straight talking approach, and no nonsense attitude will always be a winner whoever the audience.”

Head of Direct Sales


About Amici Consulting

We are a business transformation consultancy. We believe in driving success through great leadership. We work with clients to create the conditions necessary to deliver measurable change.

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