Transformation challenges require a bold approach

We have developed a framework to make sure your change is a success

What we do

Done right, change has an amazing impact on your bottom line. That’s why businesses do it, after all!

The 6Cs model is the multi-tool we use to drive your change.

Amici's 6Cs of Business Transformation

The 6C's of business-transformation


Experience has taught us that ambition and determination are not enough on their own to make change work. There are critical elements in every transformation that need to be integrated. It is with this in mind that we developed the 6Cs.


The 6Cs model is designed with flexibility in mind. We recognise that it is essential to adapt our approach to the specific commercial and cultural aims of each individual client organisation, something often overlooked by other consultancies.


We buy into your outcomes, making your goals our goals and supporting you to ensure those goals are delivered when and how you want them. We use the 6Cs to ensure there is a constant focus on results at every stage of the change journey.

About Amici Consulting

We are a business transformation consultancy. We believe in driving success through great leadership. We work with clients to create the conditions necessary to deliver measurable change.

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