Four main reasons to choose us

We leverage our expertise and client potential to drive successful change management programmes and business transformation outcomes

Why choose us

We set up Amici Consulting in January 2007, following nearly a decade of working closely together as both managers and freelancers. Our shared ethos and common values form the foundation of our association and of the company.

We believe there are 4 reasons why our clients choose us.  These are:

Our approach

The 6Cs framework and the way we work have consistently delivered results for our clients.

Our principles

You will find lots of consultancies say they have a proven record of delivering change. We are unique in the field, however, because of our core principles. Our business operation and our client relationships are driven by these principles and we believe that is why our clients come back to us again and again for help in delivering change.


We have a tried and tested set of tools and techniques developed over the years but it’s not about ‘one size fits all’. It’s about tailoring solutions that work for each client – their specific challenges, opportunities, priorities, culture.


Change can’t be said to work if it doesn’t last. That’s why we believe in building in sustainability. We develop in-house champions - leaders in particular - so that they can maintain the change long after the project team has disbanded. We know from experience that this works and we demonstrate our commitment to this principle by providing a free ‘after sales service’ in the form of mentoring the in-house champions after implementation.

Qualitative as well as quantitative outcomes

Delivering the quantitative elements of change is essential but it doesn’t stop there. Qualitative elements are what separates OK from good and what gets good to great. We use the 6Cs to specify and deliver change outcomes that identify and address both the qualitative and quantitative challenges and opportunities. Delivering on both maximises the impact on the bottom line.

Getting leaders leading

An organisation’s leaders can facilitate or block change. We work to ensure this valuable business resource is ready and able to drive the change. We involve leaders at all levels, mobilising them to demonstrate the ownership and dedication necessary to bring their teams with them on the change journey.

Our people

We have a team of trusted associates with a broad range of skills who share our values and are experienced in a variety of sectors. We are able to quickly mobilise specialist teams for projects, whatever the size or complexity.

Our track record

As our testimonials show, we have made a measurable difference and enjoy ongoing relationships with many of our clients. Click here to read some of our case studies about how we made change work.

Ger - photo and quote

“ We wanted to combine our complementary skills to create a company that reflected our shared passion for really making a difference.”

Gerardine Killeen

Founder and Director


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Debbie - photo and quote

“ Our years of shared experience give us a unique service offering that delivers results for our clients time after time. That is why so many of our clients come back to us.”

Debbie Bolton

Co-Founder and Director


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About Amici Consulting

We are a business transformation consultancy. We believe in driving success through great leadership. We work with clients to create the conditions necessary to deliver measurable change.

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